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Tapes & Dispensers

Brand: Evio Asia Model: AT012
Acrylic Clear Tape is suitable for internal & external use it offers high adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. It has superior 'wetting out' properties which increase the bonded surface area increasing the strength of the bond. It has excellent aging properties and is resistant to U..
Brand: Evio Asia Model: MT4801
Masking tape, also known as sticky tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an excellent tackiness pressure-sensitive adhesive.The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it is easy to be peeled off without leaving any sticky residue. Masking ta..
Brand: Evio Asia Model: TTV01
Clear Transparent TapeInside Core Diameter : 75mmThickness : 16mmWidth : 45mmLong: 100 yardStrong Adhesive Force , Viscous Force And Tensile Strength. Widely Used In Carton Packing, Warehouse Storage Of Goods, Container Shipment, Products Sealing Glue And Fixed, Sealing Packing, Carton Binding. Use ..
Brand: Evio Asia Model: SFD01
Coreless DispenserIt is fully reusable, safe for use with bare hands, thus effectively replacing glove, faster wrapping speed & user-friendly. - Fully Reusable- Safe for Hand- Faster Wrapping Speed- User-Friendly..
Brand: Evio Asia Model: TTV04
Inside Core Diameter: 70mMicron: 0.04mmWidth: 48mm- Suitable and Acceptable by all Courier Services Provider- Light Weight- Convenient to Handle- Antistatic- Good Elimination of Electrostatic- Multipurpose Packaging Tape for protecting Parcels- Better withholding strength and Moisture-proof.- Strong..
Brand: Evio Asia Model: PTD01
1. Sharp Blade- Seal and cut in one motion. Serrated cutter for clean out.2. Lightweight & Durable- Has a plastic handle safe to operate. Strict control to ensure good quality.Instruction:1. Lift up the cap of the dispenser2. Slot the tape in place3. Insert the tape in place4. Tape firmly on the..
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