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B540 Ahead Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard

B540 Ahead Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard
B540 Ahead Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard
B540 Ahead Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard
B540 Ahead Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard
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B540 Ahead Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard
A4TECH Bloody Ahead Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard - B540

Specifications :

Clear Key Setting

Clear key clears all the special key functions and resume to the default

7 Multimedia Hot Keys
Volume +/-, Mute,/Previous Track, Stop, Play, Pause

1,000Hz Report Rate
1,000Hz full report rate provides faster and timely feedback

Convex Silicon Keys
"ASDW" control keys adopt tactile silicone materials for greater control

Game Lock Mode
Disable "Window" keys to avoid interruption during game session

Adjustable Backlight
3 brightness control High / Medium / Low

2 sets of Self Defined Backlight Keys
Create 2 sets of Self-Defined backlight keys. Let the selected keys lighting

6 Backlight Modes
100% full breathing light, 60% primary area breathing light, 100% full & constant light, 60% of primary area constant light, touch lighting and marquees. Even in low light environments, you can still launch raids and defeat enemies

Any Simultaneous Keystrokes Without Conflict
Ensures all commands to be executed correctly and step ahead the apponents in the gameplay

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